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The Best Ways to Sell Your Real Estate Services

How do you pitch your real estate services in this changing market? First, understand the property market in your location for the dynamic changes and then sell your services based on unique solutions.

Then, use the market changes to build some deep and direct marketing solutions for your client and their property.

Be the Special Agent

Don’t be ordinary in any way; there are too many common agents out there looking for listings. Therefore, your solutions must be better than the generic approach offered by other agents in real estate today.

Know the competition agents that you are up against, and then ensure that you are a better real estate agent solution in every way possible. Help the clients and prospects you connect with to understand that. Testimonials and marketing strategies will help with that.

Strategies and Ideas

Be strategic and be specific when it comes to the property and the client’s focus. Show the client that you understand what they are trying to achieve with their property and that your real estate services and solutions are worth considering in particular ways.

What about the cost processes of a sale? Are you prepared to ask for the right commissions and marketing money and show the client how important that money is to the result?

Keep in mind that commercial real estate is a complex property type with a sale type that cannot be simplified to fees. Discounts in commissions and low marketing costs contribute nothing to getting a timely result for the clients you serve.

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Fee and Commission Discounts

When you have a client that wants a discount to list their property with you, you should ask yourself whether you want the client and the listing.

Remember that property marketing in sales or leasing is a complex process, and there are many people to talk to as you seek to get a buyer or target market interested in the property.

There is a lot of work to be done. Some listings can take weeks of promotional effort to get a result.

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Setting the right fees in your listing pitch

Listing Type Priority

It is always better to have fewer exclusive listings than it is to have many open listings. Controlled listing stock is the preferable way to sell any property today on time.

Where do you start on this? First, give the client plenty of ideas about how you will reach out to potential buyers about their property and why it is essential to the target they are trying to achieve. Then, your real estate service recommendations about the property should be carefully considered and strategically set into a timeline.

Timeliness is Important

What is the problem here? Some clients neglect or forget that a reasonable price achieved in a timely way is the ultimate target that they should want to achieve. A good outcome is ultimately all about the price and the timeliness of completing that.

Start your listing recommendations and approach with the sale result in mind. Then, look at all the variables of how you can get there for your client. Then, explore marketing solutions and match them to the target market.

Some listings are more challenging than others to work on, and if you adopt a process of target market assessment for all your listings, the client discussions will be a lot easier.

boardroom listing presentation
Strategies to use in your next boardroom listing presentation

Selling Your Agent Ideas

Here are some valuable ways to sell you real estate listing services for a sale-based exclusive listing solution.

  1. Define your ideal timeframes for the promotion
  2. Set the target market by location and type
  3. Explain how you will reach out to the target audience of buyers
  4. Build some strategies into your advertising copy and media choices
  5. Create a list of property features and strengths that will feature in your marketing
  6. Choose the best method of sale to suit the property type and location
  7. Create stories around your real estate ideas and recommendations

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