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The Brokerage Rules to Convert Commercial Real Estate Listings in Abundance

Sometimes we over complicate the commercial real estate business.  We commonly do too many things and spread ourselves across lots of listings and clients, only to find that commissions and conversions are a struggle or too low.  At the end of a given week, you soon realize that you didn’t get all of the traction you were looking for.  (NB – You can get our free commercial real estate training course right here)

Common problems in the industry are:

  • A desire to help every person with their property challenges
  • A failure to build real marketing momentum from each and every listing
  • Giving out too much information for ‘free’
  • Filling the diary every day with things that are not really important
  • Forgetting the essential order of new business generation and marketing
  • Becoming more generic and less specific in all listing marketing
  • Not getting in front of enough people on a daily basis, etc

So the list goes on in so many ways; don’t fall into the traps of the industry that can derail your potential to find the better properties and clients.

One simple message needs to be remembered here.  The ‘rewards’ in our industry are many.  The way to find those rewards always starts with the individual and their personal actions.

I have put together this summary report ‘Listings are Just One Step Away’ to help you see the importance of client contact and prospecting in a personal marketing model.  Perhaps it can help you build your brokerage plans and actions on a daily basis.

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Commercial Real Estate Listings Strategy Report



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