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The Cold Call Prospecting Habit that Could Radically Improve Your Business

Are you struggling with your real estate listings in volume or conversion?  Its time to align your real estate business to the local property market and the best way to do that is with cold calling.  In this podcast today, you can learn how to build a prospecting system that can support your listing and client targets in your location.



Cold Calling System for Brokerage

Take the time to learn how to move ahead with your real estate activities; learn the skills of cold calling.  It’s simple.  The formula to do that is in this podcast. Why do this?  New clients are always out in the market to be found. It just takes specific research and process to get into the property ownership facts and market activities.  We tell you how that can be done.

Get to know the best properties in your location and the owners in each case. Set a simple target to chase down at least one new property owner per working day.  Listen to the podcast here.


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