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There are a number of ways to find new clients and listing leads in commercial real estate.  At the top of the list will always be cold calling as part of a prospecting model.  It is the most efficient way of connecting with a lot of new people in a location.

Many agents struggle with the process then soon drop the momentum because they are not prepared or committed to making it work.  Many agents dislike the suggestion of making outbound calls to new people.  They haven’t got the mindset sorted to build the process.

That is an amazing opportunity for those of us that know how to make the calls and do so every day.  It’s that simple.

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Stop the Cold Call Struggle this Way

Don’t struggle in the industry any longer with listings and clients; modify your business practices and focus.  Take the 5 specific points in this audio program and develop them into your business day and contact system.  As you use these ideas you will get more traction with your local area listings.  Everything gets easier from that point on.