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The Components and the Opportunities of a Commercial Lease Renegotiation

Having worked on the leasing of many large commercial property investments over the years, I look at a tenant mix and the corresponding lease documents quite deeply as part of a tenant retention strategy and lease renegotiation opportunity.  If you really work through a building, the tenants, and the leases, there are many things that you can and should do to optimize the income and occupancy results for the landlord. (NB – you can get our commercial real estate leasing course here)

Occupancy Improvements

There are rents to be improved and vacancies to be resolved.  All of that can mean a happy client and more commissions.  Strategy is everything in commercial office and retail leasing.  In either property type you can do lots of good things with the leasing strategies that you bring to the client as the landlord. If you work as a ‘tenants advocate’ you can do the same in reverse.

I guess that is where property performance moves to the next level and we should be part of that.  That’s also why property owners need leasing experts and strategists.  Are you one of those?

In this special leasing report, I share the ideas and opportunities behind lease renegotiation and vacancy management.  Look for the brokerage fees and the opportunities in these ideas; there are some good strategies to implement.

special report on commercial real estate leasing
Lease Renegotiation tips and Ideas by John Highman

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