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The Core Real Estate Habits that Matter Today

In commercial real estate brokerage, the habits you apply to your agency activities daily will make-or-break results and improvement over time. Progress comes from activity and habits. That is a personal thing.

You know the things that you can and should be doing every day. How is that working for you? Can it be better? Check out this video for ideas about progress in commercial real estate brokerage today.

Where can you start with this? Deliberately take the time to audit and improve your real estate habits in your business each day, and refine those habits to the things that matter when it comes to clients and listings in your location.

Agent Activities Today

Make a list; your list. Perhaps the most important for real estate growth and opportunity are those that relate to client connections, marketing, and prospecting. The most important skill within those three categories will be prospecting.

Habits of real estate prospecting are many, but you only need a few specific habits in prospecting to take your real estate business forward with direction and opportunity. Consistency is the key to progress.

In this video today, we share some strategies that can be applied to a real estate agents day, that can help them improve activities and habits.

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