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The Essential Checklist for Commercial and Retail Property Managers

Every managed property, be it office, industrial, or retail has things to investigate and monitor. To a degree, the list is never-ending given the complexity of property operations and the broad variety of occupancy issues.

So property managers have to be aware, alert, and proactive in what they are seeing and questioning. Every property is different and that is the challenge that every property manager must work with. Risks and liabilities are always present. Tenants, landlords, the public, and contractors are the stakeholders to work with.

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Chart Checklist Download for Property Managers

Today I want to share this property management chart or checklist to help property managers question things and particularly so in their investigations to manage a property.

Get the checklist below in PDF. It is designed to be printed in A3 format or retained on your computer for reference and use.

checklist for commercial and retail property managers
A checklist chart for commercial and retail property managers.

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