The Exact Marketing Model for Commercial Real Estate Agents Today

When you work in commercial real estate agency today, take the time to develop the exact marketing model that gives you the best results from your market and in your town or city.  Every property listing should be considered on that basis so that you create volumes of good enquiry from buyers or tenants as the case may be from both online property marketing and traditional marketing.

Consider these questions:

  • What methods of marketing work for you better than others?
  • How do you get the best value for money in reaching your target audience?
  • How long should you leave an advert online before you refresh the content?
  • What marketing funds do you consistently get from vendors?
  • What days of the week are better for converting inquiry from your listings advertised?

Before saying much more it is worth noting that the marketing campaign for an exclusive listing is totally different and much more comprehensive than that for an open listing.  Here are some rules so you can understand what I am saying here:

  1. Simplicity works much more effectively when it comes to getting the property message out.  The advert should be designed to capture the eye of the reader so they see your property before others.  In a busy property market where there are lots of listings, competition can be fierce between listings for the one suburb or property type.  Your exclusive listing just has to stand out.
  2. Given that most marketing of property today will be on the internet in one form or another, give careful consideration to the keywords you use in your adverts.  Some of those words will attract better enquiry than others from the search engines.
  3. For any single exclusive listing, you should have two or three layouts of adverts to be used in different portals and websites.  The differences should involve advertising copy, photographs, and sizes.  In this way you will optimise the readership and potentially the enquiry coming back to you.
  4. Use professionally taken photographs wherever possible to capture a better level of inquiry.  The cost of that photography will be a vendor paid expense.  Professional photographers know how to take a very ordinary property and capture the right image that will feature the listing correctly.  When you look at the industry portals you can quickly see the differences between listings on that basis.
  5. Another valuable strategy in property marketing is that of the use of a professional copywriter.  These people know how to tweak an advert so it reaches the right people and calls them to action and activity.

These five simple rules will help you attract more property enquiry from any quality listing.  Develop the exact marketing model that words for your listings and your location.

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