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The Golden Rules to Closing a Sale or Lease Faster

Negotiating a commercial or retail property sale or lease is a balance of many things. It is all about strategy and timing.

Add to that the elements or challenges of the client and the property, and you have a few things to work through. Change is a good thing to work with in commercial real estate.

The property market has been changing a bit lately and that change creates pressure on investors and business owners to move, change location, improve property ownership or use. We can work with those triggers of any property change.

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Commercial Real Estate Podcast Show

In today’s podcast, I want to share the four main ways to handle property negotiations, be that in sale or leasing situations. It is all about reaching an agreement in a timely way given the focus points of your client and the property market conditions.

Have a listen to the commercial real estate podcast below and see if you can improve your transaction outcomes and negotiations.

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