The Good News About Commercial Real Estate Marketing

There are various things that you can do in commercial real estate marketing to encourage enquiry and property inspections. Every listing can be optimised for that enquiry process and to help you pull in the business where necessary.

Vary Your Promotional Message and Method

Spot advertising and subliminal advertising can also be used in prospect and client connections. Introduce the ideas about your property listings and their availability to the right people in the right way.

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What other things can you do? Think about these facts:

  • Make sure your marketing is covering the fuller target market. Where is that target market and what is it looking for?
  • Piggyback properties from one enquiry to another. One thing can lead to another.
  • Motivational assessments are a good thing when it comes to properties and people. Do the matching.
  • Define the customer with clarity so you know what you are trying to say in all of your marketing. Clarity is important.
  • Set advertising goals as you commence the marketing campaign, and then track those goals in the marketing channels.
  • There is a life cycle to most property marketing campaigns so use the first 6 to 8 weeks of the campaign to get in the enquiry and create the maximum number of inspections.
  • Upsell one listing to the next when talking to qualified enquiries.

So what is the method here? Look at each property individually and consider the strengths of the asset when it comes to the target market, the location, and the marketing channels of preference.

Stronger Property Enquiry

There are different ways of mixing and matching those elements to make the enquiry stronger and more frequent. Don’t be generic when it comes to property promotions.

In today’s podcast, you can learn how to optimise the marketing process for your listings and encourage enquiry over time.

Don’t be ordinary when it comes to your promotional processes; take every exclusive listing and do more with it. That is especially the case with exclusive listings. Match your marketing to the attitudes, needs and pressures of your target audience of buyers or tenants.

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