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The Key Elements to Know in Researching Your Commercial Real Estate Market

I am still in Hong Kong, and just ending a workshop series on “Strategic Property Leasing” in both CBD Office buildings and Retail Malls across Asia.  It was a great program with some good quality ideas evolving about how we can work for Landlords at an advanced leasing level.

My focus in Hong Kong was in helping with the strategies behind occupancy, marketing, tenant mix, and lease documentation; that being with a bias towards the best tenants in major cities, the customer mix and locations.

Ideas coming up

I will share some of those ideas from the workshop in coming weeks.  The locations we covered were in Hong Kong, Jakarta, Shanghai, and Kuala Lumpur, but the rules are applicable to most major CBD properties around the world.

We talked about positioning the ‘big brand’ destination retail tenants like Gucci, Versace,  Louis Vuitton, Prada, Rolex etc, into the new multi  level property developments.

Some of the properties in Hong Kong and China are massive in every respect; they have the income streams and the customer base to back that up.  Tenant mix and retailer establishment rules are of the highest quality (and need to be).

So what happened here?  Certainly vacancy factors and the pressures of supply and demand are a bit different in Asia cities, but the rules and the ideas that we used in the workshop to break things down are the same.  You could use them in your city and with your leasing efforts.  I will share those ideas in coming weeks.  Commercial and retail property globally is like that, and you can learn lots from others when you come together.

If you want your commercial and retail team to know about the ideas coming from the HK program, then make sure they are in the online community here at Commercial Real Estate Online Snapshot.

Research your property market

So what now?  I will be in Singapore next month but in closing this big trip in Hong Kong, I want to share with you now the fundamentals of knowing what your property leasing market is doing in a number of ways.  We talked about this in the workshop.

The leasing facts in this pdf report will help boost your market awareness and let you find the next clients, the best listings, and encourage the right deals, be they in sales or leasing.  Have fun.  Here is the report.

Till next week…….. John.

special report about commercial property research
How to know your commercial and retail property market comprehensively.



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