The Key Rules to Inspecting Office Premises for Lease

In this special report on office leasing, I have covered some of the key factors that will help you inspect office premises and convert the tenants in that inspection to go to the next level in interest.   When you have a good quality office building or tenancy to lease, take that listing and covert more inspections by matching the property with all its strengths to the target market.

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In simple terms you think like a tenant.  Consider all the elements of the location, the property, the market rental, and the presentation of the premises so you are positioning things for the best result.

In this special leasing report, I bring you back to the factors of interest and relevance that help with any office leasing requirement.  See what you think and how you are covering off on these factors.

Here is the report for download as a pdf.

office leasing report in commercial real estate brokerage




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