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If you want to win more commercial real estate business, it pays to remember the laws of cause and effect in business.  The law simply says that you have to put in the special effort to get back the momentum and results.  The effort that you put in then has to be tweaked and tuned to increase the results.

I have seen many agents and brokers struggle with listings and clients, only to then see that commissions slow.  If you are going to work in our challenging industry, the laws of cause and effect should be respected and implemented.

Consider this:

  • If a person wants to be a top golfer, they have to practice ‘day in and day out’ to improve their game.
  • If losing weight is a target for a person, they should go to a gym and exercise whilst also watching what they eat.
  • If an athlete wants to go to the Olympics, they can only do so when they have reached the top of their sport; to do that they must practice every day.

The rules here are clear.  Cause and effect are facts in our property industry.   It is necessary to do certain things every day to pull in the listings and attract the clients.  From that point onwards other things have to be done to convert inspections, negotiations and deals.

The agent that is struggling to get commission and market share growth is usually suffering from a lack of directed action and skills; sometimes they try to do too many things at once.

Here is a list of ‘causes’ that will produce ‘effects’ for real estate agents and brokers.  The magnitude of that will be subject to your commitment.

  1. Researching property owners and businesses in the local area on a property by property and street by street basis.
  2. Making direct telephone calls to property owners and businesses each day to see what property challenges or need they have now or in the future.
  3. Taking every current listing into the local area to check the interest of others to buy or rent.
  4. Practicing the special skills relative to prospecting, presenting, inspecting, and negotiating in property sales and leasing.
  5. Building a database of contacts and talking to those contacts in an ongoing way about property changes and trends.
  6. Providing clients with top quality service and feedback in the marketing of their property
  7. Using marketing tools that attract the right target audience in droves.

The message here is simple.  As an agent or broker if want to build your real estate business faster (or improve the results that you are getting from it now), consider the laws of cause and effect.  Focus on those 5 things I have just mentioned.

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