team ebook for commercial real estate

There is an advantage to be taken in using the combined experiences of your real estate team within your listing presentations.  Sometimes the combined effort and coverage of the sales team is both a leverage and a marketing strength when it comes to commercial real estate sales.

If you have good people in your team with meaningful experience and knowledge, make sure that you talk about them, and explain the ‘team’ benefits that you can see for your clients as they move through their property challenge.  Tell the ‘team stories’ as you engage with the client.

You can and should talk about the ‘team approach’ when you are pitching for the listing with landlords, investors, and property owners.  The collective experiences and market coverage of the real estate team is then an advantage in helping you win the new business.


‘Team Based’ Property Presentations

Consider these questions with your team and their activities:

  1. Can the others on your team refer the new listing to their clients and or prospects? – there will be relationships in your real estate business now that should be optimized across most listings and client requirements.
  2. What are the specializations in the team that can give you the marketing edge? – consider the many variations of sales, leasing, and property management. One transaction can lead to many others over time.  There are levels of knowledge that can be optimized for most real estate listings.
  3. Are the other team members marketing properties now that are like the property that you may soon be listing? – other listed properties should be generating plenty of local inquiries, so share that enquiry and redirect it when it is not serviced on other listings. Use the other listings in your real estate business, as ‘factors of attraction’ and lead generators for other sales appointments.
  4. Are there some ‘team success or experience stories’ in the location that will help convert a client to use your services and or accept your recommendations? – it is remarkable just how local property stories can ‘engage’ a client with their thinking and then influence their choices. Understand the stories that apply to your team and how the positive outcomes were achieved; share the message.
  5. What is the local brokerage coverage of listings, property transactions, and signboard presence? – the local area and the properties that you have listed now will allow plenty of ‘crossover’ marketing opportunities, so consider that and talk about it. Local area signage will ‘put your name’ out into the local area.  You can add to the process by calling all business owners and property owners around your listings when they first go to the market.

Given these previous points, you can establish some listing presentation material to back up the ‘team approach’ with property owners and business leaders.  Expand on the benefits and experiences of your team and explain exactly how you see a benefit in that team base can come back to your clients.