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You can do a lot of things in commercial real estate each day. The question is, ‘Are you doing the right things?’ Every day can be shaped and optimised if you take a deliberate approach to certain things. What is the most productive?

In a few words, the ‘productive’ aspect of commercial real estate is all about ‘talking to new people’ in an ongoing way. That strategy is highly productive in so many ways.

Where can you start with this? You can talk to people across your location in buildings, and streets. They can be investors and business owners. The more that you talk to people, the greater amount of leads you will develop.

Top Real Estate Skill

Recognise that talking to people that you have not spoken to before is a special skill. It takes a mindset and lots of ‘process’. Relevancy is also a good thing to consider if you want your conversations to have momentum with the right people.

So, consider bringing a few ‘conversation’ strategies together that you can implement in real estate every day. It is interesting to note and observe that when you start the process, the momentum tends to grow and more listings or leads are found.

Brokerage is all about progress and communication. Small steps from your daily conversations tend to create leads. Consistency in creating conversations will bring you new business.

A System for Agents

Take the idea further now in your real estate business. Deliberately decide to implement a few systems of conversation that you can merge into your real estate day. How could you do that? Try these for starters:

  • Telephone calls to occupants of buildings
  • Connecting with landlords about leasing requirements
  • Reaching out to other agents clients
  • Revisit people that enquired over the last 12 months regards property
  • Door knocking local businesses and leaving your business card
  • Requesting referrals from established contacts
  • Talking to clients from previous transactions of sales or lease
  • Connecting with business owners locally within groups or zones
  • Talking to franchise groups and operators about premises needs

Are you ready to start this? There is one other strategy that you can add to all of these. It relates to your current listings, and it particularly is in using your current listings as a base of conversation with other businesses and investors in the location.

Being productive in commercial real estate is all about doing things. Add some consistency to what you choose to do, so you can repeat the process of connections and conversations every day.

Repeating Contact

As an extra layer of conversation, you can and should repeat your contact processes every 90 days. It is remarkable how that works well in converting people and properties to listings or transactions.

You never know when someone has a new real estate challenge, and ultimately you want them to remember you when that happens. Consistency of client contact will help you achieve that ‘top of mind’ presence.

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