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In commercial real estate, you will be pitching for the business frequently.  It doesn’t really matter if you are chasing a sales listing, property management appointment, or leasing listing.  Your deliberate connections and strategy in the presentation will help your conversions.  Here are some tips from our Newsletter for Agents……

Top Agents know how to pitch and present for the business.  They refine their skills by practice.  They have a checklist approach to the presentation, allowing them to improve at every opportunity.

The clients that we work with really just want to know that they are choosing the best agent with the right ideas and processes to solve their property challenge.  The good thing is that most agents will deal with that fact generically; hence leaving the door ‘wide open’ for you to do a great job in the presentation.

So this property market is a bit tough in a few different ways.  To improve your listings today, it is wise to have a good look at your sales pitch process and how it can be improved.   The following strategy tends to fit most if not all property situations.

  1. Quality listings are the secret behind getting results.  When you focus on quality listings you will get better enquiry from your marketing, and that will help your database.  When you have a good database, you have the chance to match more people to better properties.  It’s a cycle that starts with better quality listings.
  2. Respect and trust should be established from the outset of the presentation.  The connection is all about the property and the client; it is not about you and how long you have been in the real estate business.  The client already knows that you are a local agent and that is why you are talking to them today.  Focus on the client and the property as a priority throughout your presentation.  Get the clients talking by asking questions and telling stories of similar properties and owners that you have helped locally.
  3. Show that you understand the property.  To do this well you will have had to inspect the property comprehensively and recently.  Take plenty of photographs of the property to have as a ‘rolling photo show’ on your laptop computer.  The client will always be interested in their property images.  When you set up the photos to run automatically, the images can complement your words and recommendations.
  4. Determine the strengths and weaknesses of the property with some clarity.  Show the client how you will tap into the strengths with some good examples of marketing and inspections.  Any weaknesses should be assessed and talked about for resolve prior to the marketing commencing.
  5. Talk about the market as it exists today and just how you will use the current levels of enquiry to bring people to the property.  Tell the client about other properties nearby with which they compete.
  6. Define the target markets that you believe are best suited to sell or lease the property.  Tell the client how you will reach that part of the market and why you will do it that way.  Give them some confidence that you are the best choice of agent.
  7. Address the client’s immediate needs and problems.  They will be quite specific, so ask the questions to get to the bottom of the challenge.  In this way you will have connected with the client comprehensively.
  8. Tell them what you will do and why that is the case, by giving them a good strategy and mode of attack.  You can do this well be showing them a graphical time line of process that can be used to move the marketing and inspections forward.
  9. Allow them some alternatives in marketing. The clients that we work with always like some choices when it comes to property marketing.  Give them 3 choices and make sure that the choices are specific to the property.

To win a property listing today, you must be specific in what you say and do.  There are many ‘good’ agents out there chasing the business, but not many ‘great’ agents to compete with.  To be a ‘great agent’ you must choose to be so, and give the client plenty of reasons to see it that way.  The secret to winning more business as a top agent lies within; start learning and practicing.

You can get more tips like this for Commercial Agents in our Newsletter.

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