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The Perfect Questions to Ask Tenants in Leasing

With all the changes in the property market today, there are plenty of vacancies to work on. In addition, businesses are moving around, and that creates an increase in premises change and churn.

There is an opportunity here for you as a leasing agent. Ask excellent questions in leasing premises today. Delve into the segment of activity.

Do you have a set of perfect questions ready to use with tenants and business owners today when leasing premises?

Get to know what the stakeholders in leasing want in property change or upgrade and feed them with local listings captured in your work with landlords.

Know your landlords locally, the properties, the precincts, and the business owners. Through those relationships, you will find leasing activity and premises requirements. Query leasing requirements will all investors, landlords, business owners, and tenants.

Leasing Agent Queries

In today’s slide deck, I want to share the logic and ideas around how you can question tenants. That inquiry will help you get closer to the facts behind a leasing requirement or property change.

The quality of your questions to tenants and landlords will take you closer to a leasing solution, another property transaction, and a happy client.

So, what are some of the question types and categories that you could ask of people in leasing premises? Again, an organized approach with queries and even a ‘checklist’ will help you get to the real facts of property change and opportunity in premises change or upgrade.

Inquiring of Business Owners

Examining what the business owner or tenant sees are key selection facts to satisfy a premises change or upgrade. Every business will have special leasing requirements when it comes to premises and location.

Are you working with the right people in the business? Check that fact before you go too far into any query, inspection, or response. Engage with the right decision-maker of a business when it comes to leasing discussions and getting to the answers you need to solve the occupancy decision.

city buildings
Know business owners and leasing requirements locally.

Queries of Tenant Operations

Here are some categories of questions that can add value to the leasing services that you offer locally. Start from these queries and go deeper into the facts.

  1. Type of property – With this detail you will always have to go ‘deeper’ in detail. Consider the parts of the property including office, retail, warehouse, and showroom areas. Many businesses will have unique property requirements with those areas.
  2. Size of premises – This follows from the previous point so you can ask leading questions to understand how a business will use any new premises and the various parts of the premises.
  3. Desired location – Many tenants will have preferred locations for business activity and that will be the case because of clients, end user markets, transport, sales activity, and profile. Your questions here should go into the way in which the location of a property will be important to operational issues.
  4. Budget rent – Query their financial budgets or thresholds when it comes to changing premises. You will have to alert them to all the variables of rental, taxes, outgoings, and recoverable items. How far can they go in financial rental commitments in selecting any new premises?
  5. Property market awareness – Many business owners or tenants don’t know about the property market trends and benchmarks. Through some inquiry you can understand what they know, what they have seen, and what they expect from changing premises.

In this leasing slide deck for agents, we share the essential ideas behind better questions as you work with tenants and landlords today. The quality of your investigations when working with landlords and tenants will help you achieve more leasing results.

Leasing Agent Slide Deck

leasing agent slide deck in commercial real estate
Slides for commercial real estate agent leasing.

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