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Vacancies in retail shopping centres today are frequent and many. That is because the retail shopping environment is changing. If you are involved with leasing a retail property and particularly a shopping centre, you need a plan to stay on track with tenant attraction, expansion, and consolidation. As the retail property market changes, a plan like this can help you with finding more tenants and negotiating leases more effectively. The performance of retail property is built around the success of the tenancy mix and overall leasing strategy.

Not all Tenants are Equal

The central message here is that not all tenants are ‘equal’ when it comes to occupancy in retail property. You have to find the right tenant for the particular vacant space. In this video you will learn how to break down your leasing facts and strategies to find better tenants. Most particularly:

  1. Expose the lease termination dates and option periods that could impact your tenant mix
  2. Ways to detect better tenants for your location and property
  3. Tracking down the right people for your vacancies
  4. Exposing the required facts of the lease transaction
  5. Building a formula for tenant attraction, lease negotiation, and investment benchmarking

Check out the video right here.

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