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The Power of Choice: How to Create Your Own Destiny in Real Estate Sales

Have you considered increasing your marketing efforts for your listings? That simple approach or strategy can help you stand out in today’s real estate market; it can change the course of your career in brokerage. Moreover, it has the potential to make you stand out.

So, what is the main point? First, use your marketing efforts with each property listing to demonstrate that you are superior to the competition. This is accomplished through improved advertising copy, photography, and media selection.

Local Stories that Engage

Make a name for yourself as the best local agent to work with and the “go-to person” for solving sales and leasing issues in investment property.

Spread the word about what’s going on and what you’ve done with properties in your area.

People enjoy hearing about actual events and outcomes from the local real estate market; they want to know that they are not the only ones dealing with real estate challenges or opportunities.

That is why, in many agents’ marketing, stories are a part of the real estate journey.

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Consider all your marketing resources

Smart Promotional Tools

There are so many tools available for us to use in real estate marketing today, but many of them are handled ‘generically’ by most agents.

We can always delve deeper into property marketing and use the tools more effectively and comprehensively. So, forget about being ‘generic’ or general in your listing marketing. Go deeper and further.

Let’s generate some promotional clout. Marketing systems are constantly evolving. Some will work well on specific types of properties and in particular locations.

That is where we can excel and provide strategic marketing solutions to the client’s property problems. So dive deeper into all marketing efforts in sales and leasing.

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What is your marketing strategy?

Shifting Focus and Improving Marketing

Examine your listings. Consider the marketing channels and groups to which you should reach out. Consider these promotional tools and how to improve the target market experience in each case:

  • Property photography that is professionally taken
  • Video clips of properties internally and externally
  • Editorials about the local property and or listed properties
  • Articles on blogs or websites about local property trends
  • PDF reports and brochures to be shared via email
  • Internet listings
  • Local area brochure drops around listings
  • Direct database and VIP investor connections with each exclusive listing

So on and so forth. Some people are interested in prices, rents, sales, leasing, and project updates in any location, so make your efforts as diverse as possible.

First, you can graph your property information and findings and share them with others. Then, display or create information about it.

Talented Layout and Keywords

Every marketing channel can be professionally optimised for maximum coverage. Use best advertising practices such as the white space principle, professional photographs, dot points about features, and simple advertising copy, for example, when creating brochures about a property listing.

Use keywords to support the location and property type; you can find these keywords using online search engines. Today, some agents and brokers will hire a professional copywriter for their advertisements and fund the cost through vendor-paid marketing budgets.

sales team standing together
Marketing is a team effort

Being Deliberately Better at Marketing

So, today, advertising and promoting any property is about being unique, visually creative, and sharing a message that others find appealing.

With all of your marketing activities, keep your target audience in mind. Who are they in terms of personality? Where can I find them? What might they look for when buying, selling, or leasing commercial real estate? Then, centre your promotional story on that.

When marketing an exclusive listing, make the right decisions and demonstrate to the client why priority advertising is recommended.

Then, take your property listing promotions a step further. Make the recommendations and provide the budgets once more to get vendor-paid marketing to reach the property’s target market.

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