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Some things work better than others in commercial real estate today when you are looking for new business, however, there are some rules that are proven and always show commission and listing results

Given that the property market is under change right now, having a set of rules to work within is a good idea.  Do things at a personal level and stay organised.  Consistency is a big part of getting results in brokerage.

What’s Your Focus?

What type of agent are you?  The real estate business belongs to the organised and active agents in any location.  Are you one of those? Consider your systems and your marketing and negotiation processes. 

Take every process and break it down into stages and strategies.  Look at how you can improve it.  Put some consistency into your real estate day.

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Territory Tactics

Think about your territory and your activities for one moment.  On any working day, what do you do to grow your business and how do you do it in your territory?

Let us look at the things that work quite well in brokerage and how you can use the proven ideas in your location.

  1. Compound your progress – Small steps taken each day to a plan, will allow you to build more results around you over time.  Do specific things that allow you to improve each day on what you did previously.  That list of specific things to improve on could be outbound call numbers, meetings, listings, inspections, and marketing dollars.  Strive to improve your numbers and watch your conversions.  Practice will help you fast track that even more.  Focus on the things that matter in your real estate day.
  2. Ask questions and create conversations – Over time you can and should talk to plenty of people.  Asking questions will help you find the listings or situations where you can provide help.  Ultimately you are a resource and a service for solving commercial real estate problems.  When you fully appreciate that, you can market yourself deeply in the local area and the local people.  Go ‘local’ and go ‘deeper’ into your market.  Be prepared to connect with more people.
  3. Get out of the office and into your territory – That idea should be a golden rule in every broker or agent day.  You can’t do much for yourself or your business if you stay in the office.  The only reason for you to be in the office is to complete transaction documentation, activate the marketing, or negotiate a deal to completion.  Everything else can be done remotely and that also includes your call contact processes.  Spend less time in the office and more time outside in your precinct.  Know your territory by spending more time in it.
  4. Talk to new people each day – As you do that you can brand yourself as an expert in the location.  As the property market changes, there are emerging people looking to solve property challenges.  Help people to remember you in that property challenge; do that by keeping up the contact and continuing conversations as you make your regular and frequent calls.  Stories and local area information will always help you engage more deeply with your clients and prospects.
  5. Deliver on your promises to boost your credibility – It is common for agents to say one thing and yet not get to achieve the ultimate target for the client.  The reason for that shortfall is usually related to market shifts, too many listings, or lack of time.  If you take on a listing, consider how you can be specific in taking the property to a target audience.  Do more with your exclusive listings deliberately and by choice.  Your clients of exclusive listings will appreciate your effort and a timely outcome.  Be known as the agent that gets the results in the most effective ways possible.

So, these rules will help you build a successful brokerage career.  Modify these rules to suit your property types and client types.  Success comes to the agent that is organised in all ways possible.  Fast track your real estate business by doing that each day.

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