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To succeed in commercial real estate brokerage, a good degree of control is required; that direction is at a personal level.  You must optimize as much of your day as possible.  That is to do the things that matter to your business, your transactions, your listings and commissions.

Engage in your real estate business.  Engage in your career.  Remove the ‘random approach’.  Believe in the direction you are taking. It is time for progress and focus.  Lock into a plan that can work for you.

What you are looking for here is some sustained and consistent direction in critical and essential activities that you know will boost listing and client engagement.


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Brokerage Power and Leverage

Certainly, some days are better than others when it comes to personal control, but when we follow the rules or the pressures of others, our brokerage business suffers.  Start every working day with a reasonable degree of power on the things that matter; you will know what they are.

How do you do this?  Start with a focus of controlling just two or three hours of your day.  Ultimately you want that ‘window of time’ to expand into a full half day, each working day.  When you reach that level of control, you will start to get some momentum in your activities, transactions, and client activities.

One thing that should be said here is you will not control all your day, every day; so don’t stress about that.  It is simply too hard to achieve full daily control in brokerage given the enquiries, listings, transactions, and the inspections that come your way.  So, the other factor of progress in brokerage involves having some flexibility in your diary and planned activities.  A 50/50 ratio of time control is a good target to work with.  Optimize half of your day on key and important things.


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Progress Your Real Estate Career This Way

Here are some other thoughts for progress in controlling your daily work practices:

  1. Set important directions in prospecting activities that can be done every day in a consistent way. Systems of prospecting are foundational to progress.  If you are struggling with your real estate business, then it is likely that the prospecting is lacking.  You can fix that.  Block out your prospecting time.  It is simply an essential part of the brokerage; it is the foundation of everything else.
  2. Move message and call follow-ups to the afternoons, so you do not disrupt your daily business start-up strategy. Start your day with real momentum.  Don’t let your mobile phone or office messages derail your focus and momentum.  All too often we let an inbound call break into our thinking and tasks.  Best not to do that.
  3. Devote one hour per day talking to your clients about their listings. Feedback and conversations will help you build trust as you move the transaction towards completion or offer.
  4. Restrict your time in the office. Get out into your location and your territory.  Talk to new and local people as part of that.  Stay out of the office as much as possible.  Just about everything we need to do and can do in real estate brokerage, is best actioned out of the office.

Take these ideas and control your working day.  Build your real estate business around the idea of control.  Don’t expose yourself to the ‘rollercoaster of randomness and luck’.

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