The Real Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing in Commercial Real Estate

How do you connect with your clients and prospects now? Are you using all the ‘channels’ of communication at your disposal? Don’t forget the traditional ways of communicating with people and most particularly the sending of letters. Yes, I know there are emails today, but letters still have a ‘strategic place’ in commercial real estate marketing.

Why should you do that? In commercial real estate brokerage today, you can create plenty of property opportunity over time through a direct mail marketing campaign of letters, case studies, brochures, and property market updates. That is in reaching out to the people you have researched or targeted in your real estate business.

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New Business Connections

That campaigning can complement other strategies of connection with your listings and prospecting, such as calls, meetings, local area canvassing.

Put some system into the local area by sending prospecting letters, and you will find new business in abundance, be that in sales, leasing or property management. Define your customer types and start taking action in comprehensive ways.

Marketing Ideas for Direct Mail

In the podcast today we can help you see the importance of direct mail marketing. You can be of assistance to many people in your property market, so send out the information to a plan and a process.

It can be as simple as sending 5 letters a day. Make sure you follow up the letters you send out. That’s the rule. There are real benefits to be tapped into when you take on the process of direct mail marketing. Here is the podcast.

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