The Real Importance of One on One Marketing in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage today every agent and broker should have a specific one on one marketing program that they implement and refine every day.  In most towns and cities there will be plenty of competition around when it comes to sales and leasing activity.

A good one on one marketing program can really help an agent or broker position themselves for better results in customer interaction and listing conversion.

What’s your marketing process?

So there are some rules to set here when it comes to personal marketing for any broker or agent.  It is important to be quite specific and unique when it comes to personal marketing efforts.  There are plenty of other agents around that will be moving through your territory and your client base.  How can you stand out as the best agent of choice?  The question should have a specific answer and that answer needs to feed into your marketing strategies.

Deliberate marketing wins every time

Here are some deliberate and successful approaches to marketing that most agents can implement today easily and directly.  Put some effort into the process and see how you can improve your prospecting model and enquiry base:

  1. Be a specialist in every respect. When you drill down into a market segment and or property type, you can position yourself as the expert of choice.  You will know a lot more about property market activity, recent sales, leasing conversions, and upcoming projects.  Get to know your property type specifically within a set zone of streets and properties.  Always err on the side of quality when it comes to selecting your target market.
  2. Establish yourself online. You can write a number of articles and place them online on a personal blog platform.  That blog can then link back to your social media activities and your client database.  Have plenty to say about the local property market and write articles accordingly.  Those articles will generate search engine exposure providing you keep up the momentum and write two or three articles per week.  You only need to write approximately 400 words per article.  That should take no more than half an hour.
  3. Get to know lots of new people. Whilst it is nice to have a database containing existing clients, you do need to fill your pipeline of contact with new people.  Systematically work through your property precinct and your property speciality to understand the clients that you are not currently touching.
  4. Be relevant in every respect. Establish a method of contact that is relevant and real to the people that you are talking to.  Provide information that is useful and zones specific.  That information can also feed into your social media platform and interaction.  Provide the information that people need and do so in a professional way.

So these four specific strategies will help you establish a one on one marketing program into your property zone or precinct.  Top agents and those producing the highest commissions are first and foremost excellent marketers at a personal level.  Are you up to the challenge?

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