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The Right Sales Presentation in Commercial Real Estate Agency

When it comes to winning a commercial real estate listing today, it is essential that the property presentation is correctly geared for the client and the subject property.  It’s something that you can work on and improve.

Elements of the prevailing property market will also have factors and concerns to feed into your sales pitch. You can plan for all of that and improve your listing conversions quite easily.

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A Guide to Setting Up Your Property Listing Presentation Today

Here are some rules to ensure that your sales presentation is of high quality when it comes to listing the commercial or retail property.

  1. Make sure that all of the decision-makers are present when it comes to the time of the presentation.  You do not want to be presenting to middle management or secondary decision-makers.  Always work with the top people.  Only present to the secondary decision-makers if there is no other way to get to the top business leaders.  These factors are highly relevant when you work with corporate clients with their property needs.
  2. Ensure that you have comprehensively inspected the property and the location so that you can relate uniquely to the factors at hand.  As part of that process, inspect competing properties and provide details to the client of those other factors that they are competing against.
  3. The client may have little or no idea regards the prevailing property market conditions.  Provide evidence of those market conditions through numbers, results, and activity summaries.  Show graphs of trends when it comes to property enquiry and time on the market.  The visual approach to marketing really works in commercial real estate brokerage.
  4. Give them some solutions relating to marketing the property today in a unique and special way.  Tell them that you expect an exclusive listing so you can correctly help them.  The client needs to understand that.  Your total commitment to the marketing package and the property promotion will only be achieved through an exclusive listing.
  5. Tell the client how you will be communicating with them to keep them up to date regards any property enquiries and inspections.  Also, tell them how you will handle negotiations and any offers that will be made regarding the property.
  6. Show the client the amount of enquiry that exists in your database regards their property type today.  Tell the client how you will be marketing to that database immediately when the property has been released to the market.  If you can achieve a few early inspections it will help your client involvement and commitment to the listing.

Presenting and pitching for a commercial real estate listing today is all about relevance.  The client needs to see that you are the best agent of choice when it comes to resolving their property pain quickly and effectively.

They want the best results from a price or rental point of view, but they also want the best agent to take them through the process.  How can you show that?

A good way to show them that the process is on a Gantt chart as part of your proposal.  Give them the confidence that they need to select you as the best agent on the listing.

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