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In commercial real estate today, there are plenty of changes with the COVID19 Virus around the World.  In saying that, the event shouldn’t change your focus on boosting your commercial real estate business. 

The new property cycle has the hallmarks of significant opportunity for those that dig into systems and activity.  That is where ‘action and reaction’ has a place in brokerage today.

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What’s the Process?

What and who do you ‘dig’ into?  Here’s an essential list for starters:

  • Business owners looking to contract, expand, or relocate
  • Investors looking to purchase or sell properties
  • Tenants looking to shift premises
  • Business owners looking to do a sale and leaseback

All these things are logical and active in a changing property cycle like this.  Remember that the share market is not the investment channel of choice now. 

There are going to be people around that want to put their money into a commercial property.  That requirement will be increasing.  Have you got the listing stock?  Sales listings are now the absolute priority for all.  Can you use the telephone every day to talk to people?  Let’s shape that for you.

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The Central Message in Taking Action

When you act, you get a reaction.  It follows that specific actions are now a high priority in brokerage.  The essential business tool that you have at your disposal right now is the telephone.  You can and should be making plenty of calls every day and for at least 50% of your working day.  Try the process and build on it as part of your business diary.

We are the people that can make a vast difference to our results in brokerage over the coming 12 months.  We can use our talents, market knowledge, and strategies to solve commercial real estate problems for people.

Connections Create Results

Simple questions with key people create conversations, and those conversations about properties can lead to something positive.  Use these ideas to build your real estate business over the next 12 months. 

The CONVID19 Virus is an opportunity for the agents that start ‘digging’ and connecting.  Start the process right now.  Let the rules of action and reaction take your business forward actively.

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