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The Sales Competencies that All Agents Need

If you are looking for more new business in commercial real estate over the next 12 months, have a serious look at your activities daily. Consider your sales competencies today and how they can be improved.

Check out this video for more ideas about real estate skills for agents today.

The processes you apply in your daily activities will give you the strength in the property market that you are looking for. Can you put some consistency in your diary of activities? How would that work for you?

Today’s video, I want to share some proven competency strategies and skills that can help many agents grow their market share over time.

The agent strategies here are so important for the outcomes that everyone is looking for. Its a new property market, so work it comprehensively.

Core Agent Competencies

You could say that the core competency in real estate is always centred on new business prospecting. There are different ways to do that.

The system should be personalised and very active at a personal level for all agents. Real estate prospecting can always be improved.

Consider your property market today and the trends you are seeing regarding sales, leasing, and development activity. Where are the next listings coming from?

There will always be supply and demand pressures in every town or city and across different precincts, and you will have to work with that. What is the next channel of property change or churn? Are you working that channel now?

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Local Properties and Precincts

Take the ideas in today’s video and review the precincts and the property types you work on. Have you defined your primary zone of prospecting?

You should achieve 80% of your new business leads and conversions in that primary zone. Outside the primary zone, there will be a secondary zone of focus and activity, with the remainder of 20% of listings coming from.

Zones of Priority

Dig down into your property market today to find the zones of priority, the buildings, and the clients types you prefer. Use a map of the location to do that research and property review.

At that point, you have something to focus on when it comes to outbound calls, meetings, and listing presentations. Specialising in a property type will also help you build your momentum.

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