The Scripts that You Need to Be More Successful in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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We all work in different locations and with different building types in commercial real estate.  The fact that is common to all of us is the requirement for any broker and agent to establish, practice, and improve communication scripts and negotiation dialogues.  That then is those communications that will help to create, control and move a transaction forward.

In sales, leasing, and property management, there are an array of communication situations and standards.  Optimise your skills in all of them based on your business activities and targets.

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Commercial Real Estate Situations that Matter

For an agent or broker to be successful and at the ‘top of their game’, a few communication things must be well under control and optimised; that is personally and permanently.  Improvement and practice of all communication skills will be critical to the progress of all brokers and agents.  In that list will be the refinement of things like:

  • Email despatches
  • Client updates
  • Sales presentations
  • Listing presentations
  • Prospecting activities
  • Negotiation skills and empathy
  • Written copy and letter communications
  • Advertisement and marketing material
  • Formalising of legal agreements to purchase, sell, lease, or assign.

Nothing remains static in commercial real estate brokerage.  There are always plenty of things happening in sales, leasing, and property management.   The only ‘constant’ in the process is you and your ability to connect with people.  Your ability to improve your communication skills across all these elements mentioned will benefit your career in major ways.

Do you want to improve your real estate business?  Then start practising your communication skills for improved accuracy, professionalism, and frequency.


Getting Started with Communication Skills

So where can you start with this idea?

Here are a few of the essential scripts by type and situation that you should develop if you want to be more successful in your career (be that in sales, leasing, or property management):

  1. Connecting with new people
  2. Seeking meetings
  3. Pitching, Converting and Creating listings
  4. Follow up on information provided
  5. Creating property inspections
  6. Explaining property information and details
  7. Showing and explaining the features of a property
  8. Advancing a transaction to the documentation phase
  9. Negotiating through the ‘hurdles’ to a transaction
  10. Providing a client with updates
  11. Connecting with known clients and prospects

These are all ‘situations’ that apply to the most common commercial real estate services that we provide.  Commissions and fees evolve from these things over time; your income is derived from that.  Your ability to do these things professionally will impact your career and remuneration deeply and directly.

Do you want to improve your real estate career quickly? The message here then is that you can and should take your property speciality for the location that you cover, and then set up a series of ‘practice routines’ where all of these factors mentioned can be optimised for ongoing and professional communication.

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