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In commercial real estate brokerage, every broker and agent should have a sales plan that focuses activity into certain property types and client types each day. In this changing real estate market, a sales plan like that can help you engage with the right people in the right ways for the right reasons.

In this video today we share the ideas behind a specific sales plan so that you can build your momentum in this changing and growing property market.

Agent Brokerage Sales Matrix

There are six different categories to the matrix within the video, so take each of the six different categories and open them up into your market and your property preferences. Use those categories to engage with more people overtime.

When you consider the property market today, there are people to talk to and property situations to find. The best and perhaps the fastest way to find those opportunities will be through direct conversations and contact calls. In the video we explain how that is done.

Take these ideas and grow your real estate business throughout the year as the property market shapes, changes, and moves into a new property cycle. This is an amazing property market of opportunity that you can use and work into.

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