The Simple Maths of Making Cold Calls in Brokerage

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If you are looking to achieve better market share in commercial real estate, then the cold calling process is perhaps the fastest and most effective way to do it. In saying that, there are some new communications skills to learn and ideas to develop but it is not hard.

Where Can You Start Your Calls

Where can you start when it comes to boosting your real estate business by making calls?  Start with yourself and your daily work plan.  It is a personal process, that cannot be delegated, and outbound calls should feature in your diary for the start of the day.

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Top agents need top cold calling skills.

When you master the art of call prospecting, you open the door to plenty of real estate opportunity in so many ways.  It doesn’t matter what the property market is doing. 

The telephone will help you find people and property listings more easily.  Your confidence and results in the process will come from your activities and your practice.  Practice will help you fast track the whole thing.

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Join up here and get plenty of call contact ideas like these.

Call Conversation Systems

Make no mistake here. Our industry revolves around people and property assets and professional agents are always in demand to help with that.  To tap into that, conversations are required.  That is where the telephone stands ‘head and shoulders’ above every other prospecting tool available.  The following will help you adapt your skills:

  • Practice your dialogue before you leave home in the morning for 30 minutes
  • Start your calls as soon as you get to the office
  • Track your progress on simple ‘template forms’ for later entry to your database
  • Momentum is so important so don’t stop calls to send out information or go to meetings
  • You need at least 3 hours of calls per day and preferably more
  • Stand up as you make your calls as it will help your conversational ability
  • You only need a simple short script of introduction as the conversation flows on from that

Build your real estate telephone prospecting system.  Use your diary to do that. Make the calls, improve your skills, and track your progress in a database.  That is how you can grow your career in commercial real estate.

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