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The Three Secrets to Listing Commercial Property Today

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Today there are plenty of opportunities in the commercial real estate market. It is a cycle of change from the last 12 months of stagnation. This year there will be plenty of people returning to the market as either investors or owner-occupiers. To that end, the change in the churn of property listings is something to be tapped into positively.

Current Property Market Opportunities

Where do you start?  Look at the market for what it is and tap into the new people as they return to property decisions, activity, and ultimately the listing process. Work with a bias towards those who own the properties, given that they can give you the listings.

It is always more productive to focus on the listing activity than working for buyers and or tenants. The most successful agents in the property market today have the listing stock exclusively held for a period. Look at your property market, consider the clients and the quality listings that you can chase effectively over time. Engage with the people and build your listing stock.

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