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The Three Words that Can Change a Real Estate Career Forever

Want some focus in real estate? There are just three words that lead to and make all the difference in the career of a commercial real estate agent.  From the three things, many other things can happen.   What are they?  They are:


  • Knowledge
  • Systems
  • Action


To explain, the progress of any agent is primarily based on their ability to get things done consistently in the right way.  That involves the organization at a personal level, and that then is underpinned by property knowledge for the location and the property type.  So, there are some things to think about here if you want to progress your career with listings and commissions over time.


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Setting Up Your Real Estate Career


How do you handle these things?  Knowledge without personal systems and action is quite useless.  Systems and action without the local property knowledge are also fruitless; there are plenty of intelligent people in commercial real estate that know about property decisions and strategies.  They also know when they are talking to someone who doesn’t have professional property knowledge.  So, you have some requirements here to think about growing your property skills and activities.  Personal development is a big part of a real estate career.


Here’s some proof.  To look at things in reverse, the agents that struggle in the industry are those that fall into some variation of the following:


  • Fail to focus into a property type and a zone of activity
  • Avoid making calls and contacting new people every day
  • Don’t grow their market knowledge for the region and property type
  • Don’t organise their day in a regular and reliable way


There are many character types when it comes to clients and agents.  It takes all kinds of people in a real estate team to cover the variations of skills and transactions in the average brokerage.  Sales, leasing, and property management are all demanding disciplines in commercial real estate today.  The same can be said for the property types unique attributes of any town or city when it comes to investment property.



Actions and Rules in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage


So, it is the organized agents and those with the property or local knowledge and action rules in their business day that tend to get somewhere.  Consistent action drives results.  That action can be ‘tuned’ to the changes in the property market, enquiries, and client requirements.


If you want to get anywhere ‘fast’ in commercial real estate, then look at what you are doing each day, and remove the time-wasting things that divert you into an ‘administrative quagmire’.  Don’t get ‘stuck’ in your business; open your connections with the clients and contacts that you can work with.


Spend at least half of your day talking to people.  Track your progress in conversations and contacts.  Grow your client list.  That then is the recipe for success in commercial real estate.


Expect those three words to be difficult and challenging in your implementation but work hard and build the new habits for six months.  They help you work on yourself professionally in many ways.  Soon the new business disciplines will create unique and valuable leads with properties and clients.

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