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In commercial real estate today, you need a solid focus on prospecting and cold calling to be successful as an agent.  This in itself is a mindset process.  When you align your thinking to the process it makes life a lot easier from many perspectives.

Here are some important facts to consider in your prospecting model.

  • It takes time to build up momentum, so effort is required every day.  The process has to be part of your diary each working day.
  • Many people that you talk to will not have an interest in what you say or ask.  That’s fine and you will need to accept that fact.

If you take these two simple facts into account, you can establish a prospecting system to take you forward today in commercial real estate.  After about 3 or 4 weeks of effort you will generally see results.  When results start to come in you will know that the call system works for you and it will be a regular part of your business model.

So here are some rules to help you build your prospecting model:

  1. Success in the process comes from within your person and your thinking.  When you establish the right thoughts as part of the process you convert more calls to meetings.  It sounds easy, but it requires effort to achieve.  Start to work on your thinking and make the calls.
  2. Practice at making calls will help you greatly.  This being said you can practice your call scripts and conversations each morning before you get to work.  Over a very short period of time your call conversations will be more connecting and less adversarial
  3. The time of day to make the calls is important for a couple of reasons.  The earlier that you lift the telephone the better it is for you.  Your mind is fresh and your activities are easier to control.  Later in the day there are usually many more things going on.
  4. Determine who you will call and why.  Stick to segments of your market.  Do not spread your efforts too far as this will diffuse your results.
  5. Momentum is everything in telephone prospecting.  If a person does not have a need or an interest, simply thank them for talking with you and move on.  Do not push for a meeting with someone that clearly has no great interest in talking with you.  Protect your time by being selective with your meetings.

If someone said to me today, ‘Congratulations, and welcome to the commercial real estate industry.’  I would start prospecting immediately.  Sure, if I was a new recruit I would lack the market knowledge and presence, however I would not let that stop me.  Develop some focus and start talking to new people each and every working day.

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