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There’s Never Been a More Important Time to Work Your VIP Client List

In this commercial real estate market, your VIP clients can be the foundation of a substantial business segment and Commission activity overtime. As this property market shifts and changes, you can consider just who your VIP clients are and engage with them more deeply.

Understanding the market for what it is this year, there are plenty of changes and opportunities coming up. Some people want to enter the market, sell investments, and purchase a property.

So, it is becoming a sales market. If you want to generate more new business over time, focus on your location’s sales activity. Find people and talk to them.

So, your VIP clients can be a big part of tapping into this sales change and churn. Understand the segments that you have within your database and start engaging with them.

What is happening now? There will be people that want to sell, some that want to buy, and matching people and situations together will be part of an agent’s success over the next 12 months.

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Foundation Contact

So, your lists and your conversations become the foundation of your real estate business in an ongoing way.  There are two segments or groups to tap into now in this changing market.  They should be the investors in your location and the companies or corporations.  Make more calls each day into those groups.  Build your VIP list from that as you talk to those people.

It is a fact that the VIPs of this year will be different than those of last year or even the previous few years.  New people are emerging to create a property transaction.  Match your property services into those people and property requirements.

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Engaging with VIPs Now

Here are some ideas to help you engage with more people on your VIP list:

  1. Start making more outbound telephone calls into the groups of people that you already know.  Find out what they want and what their property situation would be now.  Based on your database flexibility, from that information, split your client information up into budgets, timing, and property types.  From that information, you have something to work with.
  2. Watch the local newspapers and industry publications for transaction updates of prices and rents.  You can use that information in monthly updates for your clients and prospects.  It is easy to put a few lines together each week in a draft document that can be reverted to a PDF sales and leasing update at the end of the month.
  3. Controlled stock will be the rule as this property market shifts and changes.  That will mean exclusive listings.  The agent with the exclusive listings can do more with the properties listed.
  4. Offer a unique ‘pre-release’ service to your VIP clients and investors of new properties that may suit their requirements.  A few days before the public marketing campaign starts, you can contact the people you already have on your list to tell them of the listing and the investment opportunity.  Sellers also like to know that you already have a list of pre-qualified people on your list that you can quote their property to.

These ideas show you that this property market has plenty of change now that you can tap into.  It is a matter of talking to ever more new people as they enter the need cycle for many reasons.  Use your VIP list uniquely in that process of matching people to properties.  This unique property cycle is one of opportunity.  Get into it now, today.

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