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Is your property market competitive? It is very easy to cut corners and give in to the pressures of the client and their requests for “special deals” when listing commercial, industrial, or retail property for sale or lease.

This client ‘pressure’ is especially true when the property is being listed for the first time. Don’t succumb to the shortcuts in brokerage today. List property the right way every time.

The reality is that the real estate agent is far more knowledgeable about the real estate market trends than the client, and the client needs the agent’s help to find a buyer or tenant.

In this audio podcast program today, we share some strategies to help you convert more listings the right way.

Essential Listing Ideas

You are a valuable resource for your real estate clients. Connect with your clients and prospects knowing that your solutions are valuable.

Your ideas about property marketing and methods of sale will be listened to.

Do you have some quality recommendations to apply to the client and their property? Have you checked the listing location and the competing properties? What are your property ideas for sharing with the client?

Your database, your local area market coverage and your enquiry base are all things that you can talk about when listing property today.

As a result, the real estate agent should be confident and decisive in the presentation and listing process; discounts and shortcuts should not be used.

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