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In commercial real estate you have plenty of choices as to what you can do every day as a broker or an agent.  That being said, you should seek to improve the ‘quality’ of your activity so that the right things happen in your results.

By ‘quality’ I mean those things that are most important and productive in listings, commissions, and market share.  Tap into the opportunities that are out there for capturing.

Don’t let the job or the market ‘swamp’ you with trivial activity or diversions that are a waste of effort.  It is a fact that the top agents of the market don’t waste much time at all; they know what has to be done and they remove ‘hurdles’ in the process. Yes, I know you will say that it is a challenge to control the things that you do every day in real estate.  Lots of pressures and alternatives will hit your desk or your diary in a number of ways.  Here are some of the biggest time wasters for agents:

  • Taking inspections with buyers or tenants without fully qualifying them first
  • Prospecting when you haven’t fully prepared for the process
  • Getting behind in your paperwork
  • Lengthy meetings in the office on issues that don’t matter
  • Taking inbound telephone calls that shift your priorities
  • Responding to emails as they come in or first thing every day
  • Surfing the internet looking at social media

Now I know that some of these things may to a degree be beyond your control, however it is really important to get your focus and your actions directed in the correct way. A simple way to do this is to set a time of day where nothing will be allowed to interfere with your key tasks.  Into that window of time put the 3 things that are absolutely essential to building your real estate business and market share.  Typically that should be:

  1. Prospecting
  2. Marketing (listings and self-promotion)
  3. Negotiating (and closing)

The order of these things will vary depending on the pressures of your clients and the deals that are underway however make the right choices and stick to the focus on just the 3 things.  At the end of the working day you will then feel that you have achieved some forward momentum in your career as a commercial real estate agent.  What does that mean?  Commissions and listings get a lot easier over time.

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