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There are many ways to do things in commercial real estate brokerage and your systematic approach awaits your creation and decision. In saying that, take the time to understand how you can optimise your working day, and your focus on quality properties and quality listings.

What’re the typical problems we struggle with? We too easily fall into the habits that we have been working and by with over the years. Just about everyone does it. In most cases, those habits are not altogether aligned to brokerage activities and particularly clients and listings.

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What’s the Time Challenge?

Let’s help you take the time challenge. Think about the last few days. Were they effective? Could you have got more out of your days? The answers here are nearly always ‘yes’ when it comes to the brokerage business. We can always improve what we do and how we do it, in hindsight.

We have roughly 10 hours in the working day where we can look for property opportunities and openings. No matter what town or city you are located in, there will be property changes all around you.

Can You Pass the Test?

What is the time challenge in commercial real estate? Try these things:

  1. Making more calls to new people in your location
  2. Creating meetings with qualified prospects
  3. Asking for referrals to others at the right time and in the right way
  4. Targeting particular properties and clients for future business
  5. Staying in contact with clients in a consistent way
  6. Rebranding our listings with description ‘refresh’
  7. Seeking a price adjustment or rental change with listings
  8. Boosting the online promotional activities for ourselves and our listings
  9. Connecting with the clients and the contacts that we already know
  10. Sending out market updates and property reports
  11. Asking business owners what their property situation may be or how they can improve their use of the existing property
  12. Revisit all people that have inquired about a property over the last 12 months to see how things may have changed

So there are lots of things we can do in commercial real estate brokerage. There are many reasons for us to talk to people and see what they are up to when it comes to property matters.

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