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The cold calling process is an essential part of your commercial real estate agency activities.  It is interesting to note that many agents struggle with the process and really don’t do it well at all.  Some agents will avoid cold calling at every opportunity.  This then has a great restriction on their market share and new business generation.

So let’s assume that you understand the need for the call contact process and its development.  The telephone prospecting process requires personal knowledge and skill development.  Each and every day you should take steps to improve your call contact conversations and offerings.  In this way your conversions will rise and your subsequent meetings will be easier to generate.

The majority of the new business that we create is normally achieved through trust and ongoing contact.  This then says that you need fresh clients and prospects to put into your pipeline at the very beginning; in this way you create more new and fresh relationships.  Telephone prospecting and cold calling is one of the key ways to do this.

If you neglect to build your pipeline of opportunity, your market share will decline.  It is an established fact that some of our clients and prospects will change their property focus over time.  They will simply leave the industry.  That’s why you must have new people entering the top of your pipeline of contact

Here are some tips to help you with building your prospecting model using the telephone:

  1. Start every day with call prospecting.  Build it into your diary as an essential business process that must be done every day.  In this way you will strengthen your future listing and commission opportunities.  It takes about three or four weeks of concerted effort to create a new habit of this type.
  2. The best prospecting calls are based on a conversation and not a pitch.  The conversation that you create should be centered on the client’s needs and interests.  If you believe they have a future need or an interest in commercial real estate, then you should create a meeting.  From that meeting the relationship can be established and strengthened.
  3. Professionalism and relevance underpin the services that we provide.  This then says that you should specialize in a property type and location.  In that way you will bring more relevance to your clients and prospects.  Top agents specialize in their industry, and on that basis you can as well.
  4. When you make your calls, do so in a quiet area away from other noise and distractions.  The people we speak to on the telephone find background noise distracting and you will as well.
  5. This best conversation that you create in call prospecting will be centered on relevance.  The client will have a specific property need or interest and you can talk to the requirement.  Practice your dialogue through role playing with other members of your sales team.

All of us know that there is plenty of opportunity in the property market to be seized and action.  It is simply a matter of connecting with the right people at the right time.  Develop your call prospecting processes and improve your skills.

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