Tips for Top Agents in Commercial Real Estate Today

Top agents in commercial real estate are special people. They develop a work ethic and a brand that they live by.  Over time they do the right things that they know will build their market share.  Self-belief is a big part of the process.

We all know that the commercial property market today is a bit of a challenge one way or another.  That being said this market is not a seller’s market, not a buyer’s market, but it is an agents market.  We have the ability to connect with the right people to make the match and solve any property problem.  It is the value that you bring as an agent to your clients and customers today that is really important.

So let’s set some rules for agents to work with.  Here is a list to get you started.

  1. Knowledge is the key when you talk to clients and prospects.  Get to know what is going on locally with prices, rents, time on market, listings, and competing properties.  Stay up with the market trends and changes.  Watch all the listings in the area to see what hurdles and challenges they are up against.
  2. Follow up on deals, clients, listings, and opportunities.  Do not put things off to tomorrow.  The key here is to act when you see the opening available.  Move on the opportunity before other agents find it.
  3. Databases should be well maintained and clean.  So many agents have databases that are best described as a ‘bomb site’.  Clean up your database so it becomes a top business tool for you.
  4. Phone calls are part of being an agent.  Make lots of prospecting calls and control the incoming calls.  The telephone can be your friend if you control it.  Get back quickly to people that leave you messages.
  5. Face to face meetings should happen frequently.  Our industry is based on trust and communication.  Help your clients and prospects get to know you by regular and relevant ongoing contact.
  6. Feedback should occur directly to your clients at every opportunity after an inspection or during a marketing campaign. You are the person to do that.  Do not delegate client contact to your support team.
  7. Seller education should happen as part of the listing process.  Help your clients understand what the market is doing and package their listing accordingly.
  8. Buyer or tenant education should occur as part of taking the enquiry and holding the inspection.
  9. Service levels for all clients should be high.  This is certainly the case with exclusive listings.  All of your clients on exclusive listings should be spoken to every 2 days or so with updates from recent activity.

So these things work when it comes to building your profile as a top agent. You can add to this list and formulate a great career for yourself.

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