Tips in Locating a Commercial Real Estate Agency Office Today

When you are setting up a commercial real estate office, you need to follow some clear rules when it comes to office location.  The internet has changed the way we do business and will continue to do so however we need to follow some essential guidelines when locating a new commercial real estate agency office.

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Setting Up a New Real Estate Office

Here are some ideas to help you with a new office establishment.

  1. The office should be located centrally in the business community.  Most of your clients will be business people or property investors; they expect you to be located in an established business precinct.
  2. Check out the other competing agencies locally.  You should establish an office that is equal to or better than that of your competitors.  In that assessment have due regard to car parking, access, exposure, image, and office size.
  3. Look at the office location to ensure that you are getting a good business profile and modern premises.  That will include signage on the building that is clearly seen by passing traffic.  A free-standing pylon sign will also be desirable.  Council regulations will impose some rules and regulations on signage for business today.  It is also likely that the property owner or landlord will want some signage rental premium for the signs that you put on the property.
  4. Most of the other businesses and professionals that you know will be bankers, solicitors, accountants, financiers, or property developers.  Have regard for their business location and just how you can get to them as part of daily business.
  5. Main road profile will be important to you from a branding perspective.  An office on the main road will get lots of free marketing from well-placed signs on the building.
  6. Car parking is critical for staff and also customersOur commercial real estate business is highly mobile.  People should be able to get to the office easily at any time of day.
  7. Access to freeways and highways will be important to your sales team so they can get out into the property market every day.  A central office location will help with that.
  8. Many of your customers will expect your office to be located close to your sales and leasing territory.  This will also be critical to arranging and taking property inspections with your listings.
  9. In can be said that a commercial real estate office in the centre of the CBD is commonly an access inconvenience and costly experience.  Perhaps you feel that you should be in the CBD when it comes to a real estate office business location; the fact of the matter is that you will incur higher rental, parking costs and huge inconvenience when it comes to peak hour traffic.  Make it easy for people to get to you and do business.  Make it easy for your staff to come and go from the office as they work their prospects and leads during the day.
  10. Put your website and your physical address on your logo and office branding.  If people can’t get to your office, they should be able to get you on the web.

When you make the right choices in office location, you will encourage more business to come to you.

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