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Top agents in commercial real estate have a certain mindset and way of doing things that attracts business their way. Is it easy to be a ‘top agent’? The simple answer is no, given that most of the top agents really do have a solid process and working style that most other salespeople struggle to create. Most average salespeople struggle with the systems and discipline required being a top agent; a ‘top agent’ is a seller of themselves and their special relevance to the property market.

The clients that we serve want the best agents in the area. The want the agent that is going to drive results for them; the client knows that only certain agents can do that. What does a commercial real estate client really want with a ‘top agent’?

Here are some ideas:

  1. A good understanding of the local property market and the existing listings that could be a hurdle in the marketing of the client’s property. A solution strategy is needed to show the client how you will move around the marketing issues of other competing properties.
  2. A dominant market share that brings in solid enquiry from prospects in the relevant property type.
  3. Confidence and knowledge that can be used in any property promotion or negotiation.
  4. Remarkable negotiation skills that will capture the enquiry and turn it into an offer for the client that they can work with or accept.

Commercial real estate is not an experiment in property marketing. It requires top people doing the right things every day. That being said, here are some tips for agents that aspire to be the best in their area.

  1. Know what’s working in the market and what’s not. These simple observations will allow you to adjust your marketing, prospecting, and listing processes.
  2. Move the mundane jobs and issues to others. There is no point in doing things that waste your precious time. Your main focus every day should be to connect with existing clients and also new people.
  3. Get a personal assistant as soon as you can afford one. They can work with you and help you get organised. They can also respond to clients and prospects as you would want them to.
  4. Understand your talents and improve the weak ones. Your weaknesses are the things that are holding you back. Decide whether you should improve them, or find someone else to do them for you.
  5. Build relationships every day with new people. That means prospecting new people for about 2 or 3 hours every day.
  6. Get a coach that has actually done what you want to do. There are lots of coaches around, but you need one that understands your market and has been involved in it for some time. They can then help you with ideas and responses to challenges.
  7. Share your knowledge with like-minded people. Only a small amount of salespeople are truly the high achievers that look at the market in the right way. Get to work closely with them and share your knowledge. Avoid those salespeople that cannot get their business and act together.

So this is a short list but a challenging one. Take each of these processes and built on them at every opportunity.

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