Top Agent Systems for this Commercial Property Market

In this tougher commercial property market, it is the top agents that still bring in the quality listings and the deals.  Some of those deals are ‘off market’ and others are very ‘visible’.  The fact of the matter is that there is plenty of room for more ‘top agents’.

As a ‘top agent’ the clients are easier to talk to and will be more accepting of your recommendations.  So how do you get to this status of ‘top agent’?  The simple answer is that you must position yourself that way.

In today’s property market there are still lots of agents, some of whom are very good, whilst others are more ‘generic’.  It is the generic agents that struggle.  What does a generic agent look like?  Try some of these:

  • Most of the listings they take on are ‘open’ listings
  • The advertising and marketing approaches that they adopt are nothing special
  • Their database is a lot like a ‘dogs breakfast’ (all over the place with no focus)
  • Their business practices are not systemised and they take every day as it comes

To become a ‘top agent’ it really does take some clear and solid decisions on the part of the individual.   When the decisions are made the next step is in taking consistent and regular action every day to a system.

Here are some ideas to help you move to this top level of the industry.

  • Market Knowledge will be essential.  That is the deals that are done, the properties that are on the market, and the results in both sales and leasing.  When you have the facts you can negotiate on a fresh and new level.  The clients and prospects that we work with do not have access to all the market information that you do.
  • Your property speciality is quite important.  There is no point in you specialising in something that you cannot understand, do not like, or is redundant as a property type in the local area.  Choose the right property type and focus in on it.
  • The marketing strategies that you adopt for every exclusive listing should be unique and special.  Market your properties better than your competitors, and be seen to be doing so.
  • Sales and Lease strategies should be innovative and relevant to your target market.  The clients and prospects in the market should see you as relevant and different.  Do not blend in; stand out as a good agent of choice.
  • Exclusive listings are essential.  Just about all of your listings should be of this type.  In this way you can capture the right enquiry and attract the best clients.  You have to control your market and exclusive listings let you do that.
  • Sign board presence in the local area should be high.  Your name has to be prominent on all of your property listings.  A property without a signboard is like a car without wheels.

So you can do a lot with this list.  Take a deliberate step forward in your industry by being a top agent that people can see and get to know.

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