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Have you ever considered all the things that you need to do as a real estate broker, and which ones are more important to your market share?  I put together this chart to help my online friends.  It describes the skills of a Top Broker or Agent.  You can get the download chart right here.

When you look at the chart you will see that there are 3 key things to do on most days.  They are above and beyond everything else that is likely to take over your day.  In other words the main fact here is that you should focus on the most important issues before anything else.

It is just too easy to get distracted and diverted with the pressures of clients, listings and deals.  I guess you know what I mean 🙂

This is a simple wall-chart to help you get into the most important issues of your day before you do other things.  You may like to pass the chart around the team.

If you like these tips and ideas please leave your comments below.  Feedback is always appreciated so that we can help you further.

You can get the download chart right here.

It is a simple pdf file.

My very best to all my friends on-line.  Have a good week ahead.

real estate planner
Weekly planner in commercial real estate brokerage.