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I have put this template together to help my online friends have a serious look at what they are doing in commercial real estate business activities today and how that can be improved.

Consider the property market in your town or city.  How are the elements of the market coming together for you in sales or leasing?  The same question can be raised for property managers and retail shopping centre managers.

Where do you want to head this year in property activity?  What is your plan and what should be improved?

Use this special ‘Formula Worksheet’ to consider just where you are currently and how you can improve things.   The file is 8 pages long and covers a lot of questions.  You also have some forms to fill out together with an action planner.

Take the form this weekend and look at your career and how you can shape things a bit more.  Send the form link around the sales team to help others with key decisions and facts.

The file is a simple pdf for you to work on.

Commercial real estate marketing chart
Charts and checklists for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage


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