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79 Brokerage Templates and Forms for 'Top Agents'.

Be more professional in front of Clients and Prospects.

Convert more listings with better property specific templates and tools.








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Here are the broker forms and templates:

  • Advertising Strategy
  • Advertising Planner
  • Agenda for Weekly and Monthly Broker Meetings
  • Assessing the Price of a Property
  • Auction Procedure Planner

  • Budgeting for Commercial and Retail Property Managers
  • Building Client Relations
  • Building Inspection Form
  • Building Manual for Tenants
  • Canvassing Register
  • Property Characteristics Checklist
  • Retail Shop Tenant Presentation Checklist
  • Commercial Broker Business Audit
  • Commercial Canvassing Sheet
  • Commercial Listing form
  • Commercial Staff Performance Review
  • Contracts and Maintenance Checklist

  • Daily Accountability Checklist and Tracker
  • Property Development Checklist
  • Yield Calculator
  • For Lease Listing Form
  • Good Housekeeping Form
  • Handling Leasing Prospects
  • Property Income Checklist
  • Industrial Leasing Listing Enquiry
  • Industrial Area Activity Report
  • Industrial Leasing Negotiation Worksheet
  • Industrial Listing Form
  • Inspection Checklist
  • Investment Analysis

  • Investment Listing Form
  • Investment Report (2 types)
  • Lease Synopsis
  • Leasing Negotiation Work Sheet
  • Marketing Letter Templates (6)
  • Letters of Intent and Lease Offers
  • Listing Industrial Property
  • Listing Office Property
  • Listing Retail Property
  • Listing Office Checklist
  • Property Management Submission Layout Example
  • Marketing Plan Generator for Listings
  • Marketing Tools Leasing
  • Master Detailed Inspection forms
  • Monthly Activity Sheets
  • New Business Form
  • New Management Checklist
  • People You Must Know Checklist
  • Post Auction Marketing
  • Preparing an Investment Report
  • Presentation Rules for Property Owner Presentations
  • Sale by Tender Procedures
  • Project Management Model

    commercial real estate activities planner
    Activities planner for commercial real estate brokers in sales, leasing, or property management.
  • Property Management Handover Checklist
  • Prospecting for Listing Forms
  • Prospecting for Retail Tenants
  • Rental Structures in Retail
  • Retail Shop Fitout Guide Format
  • Retail Leasing Site Considerations
  • Retail Leasing Form
  • Retail Shop Detail Form
  • Selling Techniques
  • Services and Refurbishment
  • Services Checklist for Industrial Warehouses
  • Site Inspection Checklist
  • Incentive Structures in Leasing
  • Target Market Generator
  • Tenancy Lease Requirements
  • Tenant and Lease Synopsis
  • Terms Used in Commercial and Retail Property
  • Commercial Sales Funnel and Pipeline
  • Leasing Operator Rules
  • Time Management Rules
  • Understanding Property Owner Focus
  • Understanding Rent Reviews
  • Value and Price Models
  • Weekly Activity Commercial



Bonus Forms and PDF Reports



  • Inquiry Tracker Sales
  • Inquiry Tracker Leasing
  • Inquiry Tracker Property Management
  • Top Agent Ebook (82 pages)
  • Commercial Agent Business Planner (87 pages)


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Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Forms Made Easy
Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Forms Made Easy in PDF and Word