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To win a commercial property listing today you really do need to cover all of the market issues and be prepared for all the situations and pressures the property and the client may present.

The client has to see that you are really the best choice of agent to move things forward in a productive way.  Show your confidence in the property situation and allow the client to trust your recommendations.

What Commercial Property Clients Really Want

Most clients want just a few things when they list their property for sale or lease; here are some common observations about that in today’s market:

  • Best price or best rent, given the prevailing market circumstances
  • Timely sale or lease strategies for today’s market and the property
  • Convenience in moving the property forward in a marketing campaign
  • Getting lots of inspections underway at the property
  • Spreading the message to the right local buyers or tenants
  • Attracting qualified buyers or tenants to the property
  • Negotiating for a fair and reasonable contract or lease
  • A professional and legal way to document the contract or lease for the property so it moves the client forward to a satisfactory outcome

The client wants to know that you are the right agent to do all of these things.  On that basis, your property presentation must be of the highest quality and relevant to the current market conditions for the property.

If you have another look at this list you will soon understand that there is considerable work to be done in correctly marketing the property for the client.  That input on your part should only occur when you have an exclusive listing.  If the client wants the best result in a timely way then they will have to give you an exclusive listing.  Pitch your services on that basis.

How to Improve Your Listing Presentations

Here are some ideas to help you improve your listing presentations:

  1. Look at the local area and the competing properties.  Understand the listings that you are up against and how you can adjust your marketing efforts around them.
  2. Take plenty of photographs of the subject property and use those photographs in your presentation.  Use a laptop or tablet computer with a ‘scrolling’ photo slide show to let the images run whilst you are talking to the client.  The client will always have an interest in their own property.
  3. Use a Gantt chart suitably adjusted to the Sales, Leasing, or Property Management process.  The chart is a visual display to help the client see what you will be doing in helping them and how that will be occurring.
  4. Make your presentation and proposal simple in formula and layout.  The selling or leasing of a property in most cases does not need to be complex.
  5. Rehearse what you have to say and have some clear recommendations that apply to the property and the client.
  6. Tell your client about the local property market and just where their property sits in relation to that.
  7. Put yourself in the marketing campaign so you become part of the property solution.
  8. Have a listing document on hand and partially completed for final client acceptance.

Market knowledge and personal confidence will help you with all of the above issues and solutions.

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