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Here is a ‘Top Agent System’ special free wall-chart download for all my Commercial Real Estate Broker and Agent friends.  In this market today it is easy to get distracted at a personal level taking you away from key issues.  To help with that I have split up a number of important factors in a brokers day and put them into a ‘Top Agent System’ wall-chart.

You can see that the chart is focused on listings and results so it has a direct reflection on sales and leasing activity.  You can download the chart and use it in your business.  I have formatted it for A3 paper so you can get the maximum benefit from the information and the layout.  You can get the file right here.

Put it up on your desk or by the telephone.  It will be a great trigger for important tasks.  It will help bring you back on track to your quality activities.

Please send it around your team and help your fellow brokers with the ideas given.  You can get the PDF file right here from our resource vault.

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