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Top Presentation Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents

Most commercial real estate agents will be presenting and pitching their services in one form or another weekly if not daily.  The fact of the matter is that you must have a top presentation system that is relevant to the property and powerful when it comes to converting the client to use your agency.

Unfortunately many agents just ‘wing it’ when they are in this situation.  You can do much better than that and lift your results.  Over time this will always mean better listings and commissions.

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What To Know Locally

You know the area that you sell and lease property in.  You also know the agents that you are up against.  Some of those agents will be at the ‘top of the game’, so your ability to sell your commercial property services is quite important.  Position yourself for the real estate opportunity.

Here is a list of ideas to help you create your presentational system.  You can select the best ideas that work for you and build around it.

  1. Review the property before your meeting with the client.  Tell the client that you will be doing this and that it will help you with preparation for the client meeting.
  2. Take a look at the property in a comprehensive way.  Consider how a tenant or buyer would look at the property and just how they would see property occupancy or ownership.
  3. Check out the property ownership details and any facts relating to the title or site that could impact the interest of a prospect in the campaign.  If you have issues with the property then you will need to consider recommendations that will be merged into your presentation.
  4. Create a target market list of buyers or tenants that you can market the property to.  Build a potential marketing strategy around the property type and the target market.  Ensure that the marketing ideas and unique and not generic.  Your proposal must be better than the other agents that will be pitching to the client.
  5. Consider an inspection strategy that could be used to take a prospect around the property.  That strategy should be staged and structured to show the best aspects of the property.  Tell the client how you will move through the property and why.  This can be a feature of your sales pitch on the listing.
  6. Prepare some key information for the client on big and important issues such as levels of enquiry today, comparable properties, and price and rent ranges, database profiles of the prospects that you will be talking to, and the supply and demand for property locally.

When you have all the right information at hand you can win more of the business and the listings that come to the market.  You and your agency must be the best choice to solve the client’s property problem.  If you can comprehensively answer that question, you are likely to win the listing.

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