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What is your new business plan in brokerage for the next 12 months? Forward planning is a good idea for every agent today.

Have you ever thought about a plan for your new clients and listing growth? Some commercial real estate brokers and salespeople believe that they can spend just a whole day once a week on the phone with their clients, prospects, and customers. That is a bad move.

What happens here? Those agents think that they will be able to create all of their appointments requirements for the week by doing only that. This however is the ‘danger zone’ of a business slide. Poor quality strategies like this don’t work. Consistency is the only way forward in real estate today.

Special Report Agent Download

Today, I want to share with you this special Cold Calling Report from our Cold Calling Course that can give you some guidelines for new business prospecting. You can also download the report below.

special report on cold calling in brokerage
Special report on cold calling in commercial real estate brokerage today.

Many Paths Better Outcomes

So, this can be a path to failure. Experience says that it doesn’t work. The problem is that it’s a complete waste of time. It is proven time and time again that there are no ‘shortcuts’ to new business in commercial real estate. Processes win every time in a new client and listing growth plan.

As a real estate agent, consistency is essential in just about everything. Daily habits and rituals of prospecting are important to new business growth. Agent-based systems create results. Nothing else does, and luck is not a dependable and useful business tool.

Telephone Based Prospecting Plan

So let’s take some action. The telephone is your leverage point to the growth of your client lists and prospecting pipelines. The most efficient way to make calls is to make it a daily ritual that takes two to three hours to complete. Start the process.

How are you on consistency? The only way to get the habit you need is to do it! The key to success in brokerage is making the calls on a daily basis.

using the business telephone
Strategies for telephone prospecting in brokerage

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