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Direct Mail marketing is still an excellent way to attract new clients and prospects in commercial real estate brokerage. It is a fact that today many regular business communications are via email; so you have to do something different that is to be opened and read. For that very reason, direct mail correspondence is still more unique and special.

Think outside the square with your direct mail marketing.  Have you got a suitable property or listing that you can talk about in the mail process? It is a wise business strategy to adopt in commercial real estate as part of an overall marketing plan.

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Direct Mail Trends

You are likely to get more excellent feedback from direct mail pieces as opposed to email marketing.  In saying that, every letter sent should be followed up with a telephone call to identify needs and interests that relate to commercial real estate brokerage and investment.  So, every mail piece should be followed up wherever it can be done.

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The best way to approach the direct mail strategy in commercial real estate is to use a target market segment as a specific focus of the correspondence. The message can then be specific.   As an example, functional target market segments to merge into this marketing initiative are:

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Legal firms
  • Investors
  • Insurance companies
  • Finance brokers
  • Computer and IT Security firms

Determine the target market that is appropriate for the message and the marketing initiatives that you want to build.   Here are some questions to think about in doing that:

  1. Where is that target market and how can you identify the right people to connect with?  There is no point in sending generic letters that have no person as the focus of the correspondence.  Through some specific research, you can identify the leader of the business or the investor that you wish to contact. Always work with an addressee name as part of sending out letters relating to commercial property.
  2. Identify the buildings in your location and the owners of those buildings so that you can send them the letters as part of the campaign.
  3. Identify the buildings and the businesses therein in case you can assist business owners with occupancy or relocation issues.
  4. Every direct mail piece should be simple in format and layout. It should not extend over any more than one page. Ensure that you have 3 or 4 paragraphs designed for a message and the target market.  That is the priority in each case.
  5. Try to be ‘local’ in your message so that it makes the reader think locally from their personal property perspective
  6. Use dot points and headlines that match into your target market and readership of the campaign.

If this is a strategy that you intend to use in your real estate business, then set up a series of letters to send out across the entire year to different groups.  The frequency of sending letters is quite important to consolidate the message and the ‘brand’ that you wish to promote for yourself.

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