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If you are starting a career in commercial real estate brokerage sales and leasing, then it is absolutely critical that you develop a personal marketing plan and skill development strategy at the earliest stages of your new job and career.

What is your base plan? Actions taken every day will help your real estate business thrive. Put your daily action plan at the centre of your business day. Focus on these things:

  • Client conversations
  • Good quality properties
  • Better business relationships
  • Repeat and referral business
  • Deeper and connected real estate services
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You will come across many different and challenging characters as part of your business activities; preparation is the key to the process of improvement over time.

The professional skills and systems that you develop will take you through the challenges of the industry effectively and directly.

The practice of engagement is also a good thing to build into your business day. In this podcast, you can learn how to do that, and grow your professional skills as an agent or broker serving your specialist clients.